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You are about to enter the(new look)web of the dolmen restorers from the future. Join us in our journey. On the left are our navigation links that will take you to the various pages of our site. Use these to navigate. Many of the pages contain large colour images and music, so please allow time for the data to download. Other links will give you further information. Enjoy your visit!!!

Please see the updated 2008 page which contains a record of the Dolmen Restorers latest foray into the Megalithic world with photographs of many interesting sites, and evidence of their continuing quest..


There are hidden links which will be be added to as the technology becomes available to the 21st Century

Please note the music on this page and our news page can be obtained by e mailing us at <>
The dolmen restorers from the future are a group of space-spanning, go-getting, time-traveling, freebooting, astro-archeologists whose sole purpose in this time dimension is the restoration of all dolmen to their true original function and state for which their builders constructed these magnificent artifacts more than 5000 years ago. By our nature we are a non-profit making group, although merchandise such as t-shirts and music will incur a small charge to cover production and postage costs. Join us and  KEEP THE PAST ALIVE IN THE FUTURE!
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That is the Future!!
The Stone Circle
The Stone Circle
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